Looking to have fun this Halloween and do you need help in choosing a halloween costume? Then search no farther, because you can dress up as the Burger King and you’ll be instantly famous .   Practically everyone has seen the Lovable King on tv and sometimes in some ridiculous situations.

The burger king costume is in no way some inexpensive looking costume because it is licensed by the kind people from Burger King.

The King Deluxe Costume is available in one size and fits many grown ups . Just like you have seen on the television , the outfit features a red orange robe with a bright white collar, a king’s mask with crown and a big gold ornament. You’ll have to get some white tights and a pair of shoes. You can probably borrow your moms or big sisters white panty hose and wear your best sunday shoes .

And what goes best with Hamburgers? Yes, you guessed it ketchup and mustard. We have ketchup and mustard costumes in addition . Get your pals and/or family unit together and dress up in a hamburger theme costume.

Maybe you don’t like hamburgers ! Maybe you could put on a Hot Dog costume. Your infant will love being warm and snug in the baby bunting hotdog costume.  The family pet is not to be forgotten either, as rover can dress up as a hot dog complete with bun and mustard.  Please do not let the other pets see him/her because they are sure to get hungry.

Find out more about the range of Hamburger costume, Bob’s Big Boy Costumes, Ketchup and Mustard Costumes at present. Make sure you order early this year as costumes always sell out fast !


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