Bruce Lee stated that punches are punches and kicks are kicks (in his ebook the Tao of Jeet Kune Do ). And honestly when I first heard this I did not admire what it meant. As a result of it seems to be common sense. But it surely actually isn’t whenever you begin learning something. You need to go through quite a lot of things earlier than you truly be taught what things are. So you begin out on one facet of the circle realizing that punches are punches and a kick is a kick. However, you come out the other side understanding that a punch is a punch and kick is a kick.

The first part we are speaking about right here is that while you begin learning a martial art a punch is just not a punch and a kick is just not a kick. What your mind relates them to are methods that your grasp does masterfully.  And as a recourse, you have to study them to do to do them the way that you simply grasp does. Which may or will not be the very best concept, however that’s the way in which you learn. Understanding that a punch is a punch doesn’t exist for you at this time. Is it too early in the studying course of and you haven’t learned what you have to learn.

So the second stage of learning is that you just now have names and you can determine what the strategies which are within a fight. You possibly can name off the hook, jab, cross, and uppercut. They’ve names, they are not only a bunch of punches anymore they’ve sure names that you just use. So you haven’t gotten past the understanding of what master taught you to call them. They have not reverted back to the punch being a punch and kick being kick.

The following stage is the place you’re taking your jab, your hook, your uppercut, and a sidekick you’ve discovered and start making use of them in battle. But they nonetheless have names you haven’t but discovered how to use them successfully nonetheless (in case your an MMA fighter, then your not prepared for the big time skilled fights yet).  And at this stage, regardless that you are most likely conversant in them, they nonetheless have names that imply something to you. They do not come naturally as they should. You are concerned about foot placement instead of timing of the technique.

The last stage of that is if you forget what the name is and you just do it. That is when the punch turns into a punch and a kick becomes just a kick. You’re not worrying about the title while you’re really performing the technique. This is the highest degree you will get to in the martial arts (or Jeet Kune Do ). You’re not frightened about what master or sense advised you.  You just do it. You do it at the correct time and you don’t worry about the name. Don’t worry about the place your left foot is placed while you strive your technique. You do not worry concerning the name of the hook while you’re throwing the hook at your opponent. This is where you want to get to. So, a punch becomes just a punch and a kick simply turns into a kick eventually.

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