Ninetye percent of all teens suffer facial acne to some degree.  The worst inflammatory type is sometimes called cystic.  The large boils or nodules can appear in the armpits, on the buttocks and anyplace else that sweat collects in the pores of the skin .

Although it was at one time believed that poor hygiene caused breakouts, we now know it is important to avoid cleansing too often .  Over-cleansing strips the skin’s natural oils with strong cleansers and may stimulate the sebaceous glands to artificially increase the production of sebum .

Overproduction of sebum by the oil-producing glands is one of the elements that contribute to inflammation deep inside the pore.  As the pore narrows , it traps dead skin cells and oils .

Bacterium naturally present on the surface of the skin and inside of the pores mixes with the sebum and dead cells to produce the pus that is seen in pimples.  Many people believe there are 3 main factors causing pimples : too much sebum production, too much bacerial growth and inflammation. Taking a holistic skin care approach is recommended .

Measuring things like overproduction of sebum or excessive bacterial growth is very difficult .  It is also difficult to figure out how much of a role they play in facial acne.  The role of inflammation is better understood and is probably the major factor .

Efforts to reduce breakouts then should be aimed at reducing inflammation .  Here are some suggestions .

Anything that causes irritation or redness is accompanied by inflammation , at least to some extent.  It’s a good idea to use the mildest cleansers and only when the skin is actually dirty, not as a steady part of your daily skin care regimen . It is important that skin care products contain natural ingredients like phytessence wakame.

Although exfoliation may be effective for removing dead skin cells, products designed for exfoliation usually contain granules that leave miniature scratches in the skin’s surface .  So, they actually contribute to inflammation.  A glycolic peel done at a spa or a dermatologist’s office would be a better choice.  Extrapone nutgrass can be used to even out spotty skin pigmentation .

The use of a deep cleansing kaolin-based clay mask on a bi-weekly basis can help keep the pores clean and reduce inflammation at the same time.  There are many other tips for reducing facial acne.  Cleaning gently is just the first step.

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