I would like this to be a welcoming and informative place for parents or anyone else who’s interested in parenting, or in being healthy, or is just plain interested…

Parenting has to be the most rewarding – and the most challenging – task there is. When I first became a parent I had many ideals, I would never raise my voice, I would read my children to sleep and care for them so well that they would never get sick. So you’re not at all surprised that I got a few surprises. My children don’t seem to hear anything till I’ve said it 3 times and I could read round the clock because they just don’t go to sleep. And as far as the runny noses and nappy rash…

I’m still idealistic, but I’ve been on a long journey reworking my ideals! I will explore some of my journeys, challenges and discoveries and I hope others who stop by will share a little too.


A friend once said to me:  ’I really do believe in parenting books, it’s just that you’ve got to write a new one for each of your kids’.

You’re well aware, I’m sure, that kids don’t come made to order – not yet anyway! So if you don’t know what you’re getting and they don’t offer any degrees in working out what you’ve got, how are you meant to know how to do it? Add to this the fact that children change at an alarming and amazing speed and we realise why parents struggle to keep up.

And that is when it all goes smoothly. Just add a little hiccup…premature babies, under-weight, over-weight, allergies, hyperactivity, bed-wetting…the list goes on and we search for the ‘right’ way to deal with things. There is loads of information out there, at times too much to make sense of.

But there is good news. Together with kids, parents get intuition, a deep understanding of how to take best care of their child. And there are other parents and many great professionals who have knowledge and experience that is so helpful when we need a helping hand. Together we will succeed.

Good luck and enjoy!
Pam Lark

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