With all this talk of swine flu going on, lots of people getting unwell and no-one being quite sure what they have, it may be useful to take some simple precautions to protect our health.  It is surprising that amongst all the hype there is so little discussion about this.  Surely it makes sense to strengthen ourselves and our families as we face a winter that could be challenging for many.

Here are some ideas, do you have some more? Feel free to comment below.

Rest Up!

Sounds so basic it’s almost too simple to include, but relaxing is one of the hardest things to do.  With all the modern conveniences we have to make life easier we all seem pretty inconvenienced most of the time.  We never seem to have everything done (sometimes it feels like anything), which can make us feel guilty for stopping at any point.

Until the flu comes along, and hey, what do you know, we have to stop.  And somehow the world keeps turning.  After I spent a week flat out with the flu everyone was asking how come I looked so good.  ‘Well, actually I got sick!’  Wouldn’t it be a good idea to give our bodies a break before they do their own thing?

Treat yourself to an occasional early night if that is possible.  Even more important is to take a ten minute ‘escape’ during the day.  That means complete and absolute silence to focus inwards and listen to oneself.  If it is too difficult to ignore the distractions try covering your eyes with the palms of your hands.

Tea Light Burners.

A tea light burner with some eucalyptus oil added to the water is a real antidote to the dryness of central heated homes.  The eucalyptus helps to ease breathing, but the moisture is useful too.  Another way to do this is to hang terracotta water holders on to the radiators and add the essential oil to these, but the candle burners are more effective.

Take care of children near candles.

eat well

Eat Well!

Another one of those basics that we are often too stretched to manage.  Preparation is the key, and having fun while doing so.  Peel lots of vegetables and have them ready in the fridge, it makes putting together a soup, stir-fry or salad less of a chore.  Juicing is a good way to get lots of nutrients in quickly, try a basic mix of carrot, apple and a touch of ginger for an instant boost.  Hot drinks are good, they literally clean the system internally and wash out the germs.  There are so many fruit teas, herbal teas, green teas…find something you know you’ll like or get a mixed packet and experiment.  Add some honey or lemon and enjoy.

getting outside, get out there

Get Out There!

I was lucky enough to get the flu at the same time as my children and I was feeling trapped.  We had a house full of people breathing germs on each other, but I didn’t want to go out to share them with anyone else.  So we did a family trip to the marshes – there we had a large empty space, trees and grass, not a person in sight and FRESH AIR.  I was feeling exhausted and collapsed against a grassy slope while the children ran around, played ball and aired themselves.  It was so incredible to get out and to see them having fun while they got stronger, rather than fighting and feeling ill.  So the next day I felt that I had to get out again, I just didn’t know where to go.  So I left it to my husband and we ended up at the beach.  The children had a great time, they didn’t realise getting well could be so much fun!

Let some air in.  It can be difficult to do this.  We spend so much money heating the house, heating the street seems a little over the top.  But heating and airing the house are two different things; one doesn’t negate the need for the other.  We might need the air even more when the heat is on.


Take A Supplement.

A good vitamin C powder through the winter can really make a difference.  But supplements should not be underestimated for their ability to assist the body in wellness and in recovery.  Just get EXPERT advice, there is plenty of great stuff available and unfortunately plenty of rubbish too.  What works well for one person does not necessarily help someone else.  Find out what will be best for you and you will really appreciate the added strength you will feel.

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