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Fight the Flu – from a Survivor’s perspective …

With all this talk of swine flu going on, lots of people getting unwell and no-one being quite sure what they have, it may be useful to take some simple precautions to protect our health.  It is surprising that amongst all the hype there is so little discussion about this.  Surely it makes sense to strengthen ourselves and our families as we face a winter that could be challenging for many.

Here are some ideas, do you have some more? Feel free to comment below.

Rest Up!

Sounds so basic it’s almost too simple to include, but relaxing is one of the hardest things to do.  With all the modern conveniences we have to make life easier we all seem

Welcome to Healthy Kids Tips!

I would like this to be a welcoming and informative place for parents or anyone else who’s interested in parenting, or in being healthy, or is just plain interested…

Parenting has to be the most rewarding – and the most challenging – task there is. When I first became a parent I had many ideals, I would never raise my voice, I would read my children to sleep and care for them so well that they would never get sick. So you’re not at all surprised that I got a few surprises. My children don’t seem to hear anything till I’ve said it 3 times and I could read round the clock because they just don’t go to sleep. And as far as the runny noses and nappy rash…

I’m still idealistic, but I’ve been on a long journey reworking my ideals! I will explore some of my journeys, challenges and discoveries and I hope others who stop by will share a little too.


A friend once said to me:  ’I really do believe in parenting books, it’s just that you’ve got to

Join Us Now To Be Ready For Action When We Officially Open!

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