As young teens go about these days, one cannot help but notice that their sense of style have differed from teenagers back then to the generation of today.

Nowadays, teenagers sense of style ranges from classic down to retro, from modern to futuristic. Not only do their senses of style pertain to clothing and accessories, but also attitude, hobbies and habits.
There are so many factors that may more or less influence ones sense or preference when it comes to the way their look, dress themselves and even when they act. Compared to teenagers’ fashions statement years ago, the style of today has taken a much bigger turn than what was expected. But even with the big turnout it had, we have to say that some of them are a whole lot safer and healthier compared to before.

Disconcerting or advantageous as they come, we can’t help but be shocked and amazes as they come and go. Here are some examples of the changes in teenagers in terms of habits, clothing and attitude.

Loose Clothing to Tight-Fitting Clothes – Back in the 80’s the clothing then had a motto: the looser, the better. Does this make sense? Teens and even adults are usually seen wearing bagging pants, loose sweatshirts and big sneakers or shoes. These days, the trend is totally different. Gone are the baggy pants, and came in the skinny jeans. No more sweatshirts ladies and gentlemen and make way for tank tops and close-fitting shirts.

Girl-next-doorish to Loud, Proud and Wild – Back then, teenagers had a very strict curfew, limited free time and a no-party-until-you-finish-your-homework rule. There were no long nights with their boyfriend or girlfriend and definitely, as much as possible, drinking and drugs. These days, teens act like there are no parents, no homework or even no rules! Teens are free to do almost anything that they want to like drinking and partying. Some would even talk back to their parents. Luckily for them, smoking can be done at a healthier way, not like before. Teens now can change their blu cigs coupons, if they have, for an e-cig that will allow them to smoke without getting any sickness. There smoke all they want without worrying about the hazards if they trade in their blu cigs coupon. Is this a good change or bad?

With these comparisons, we can’t deny the obvious fact that fashion, hobbies and attitude of teenagers has indeed taken a hundred and eighty degree turn from what it was then.