There are various types of audio recordings that are available through free audio downloads and one of these are guidelines with regards to lifestyle.  This particular category can still be divided into sub-classes that include the development of self-confidence, self-improvement, leadership, public speaking, physical fitness, weight loss, stock trading, investing, personal finance, spirituality, entrepreneurship, forex trading, and fashion.  As can be seen from the above, the guidelines discussed in free audio MP3 downloads can vary by a wide range so that everyone is likely to benefit from them.

To illustrate, someone may be having difficulties with his work that is very stressful and he desires to relax when he arrives home.  He could try to find relaxing music and songs that are available in the Internet as free audio music downloads.  Or, he could download audio recordings of narratives or guidelines on how to do some exercises that are relaxing.  Another example is a person who realizes that he is buried deep in debt and wants to find a personal finance guide on how to extricate himself from this trap.  What he can do is to find free audio book downloads for recordings of the narratives or guidelines from people who could provide him with the necessary steps on how to enhance his financial situation.  Free audio downloads can also provide audio books that contain guidelines on how to lose weight.  These could offer insights on the importance of certain factors, such as metabolism, safe weight loss, whether cardiovascular exercises are required for weight loss, and how to concentrate on a certain problem area. 

Meanwhile, there are also popular songs and music from sites that provide free audio downloads.  However, there are a number of possible problems when obtaining free music from file sharing networks, such Kazaa and LimeWire.  Peer-to-peer networks such as these are often lax in their security and many people have discovered that it is easy to upload files that contain computer viruses or Trojans that are designed to initiate malicious activities such as the destruction of files and invasion of privacy.  Another potential problem with songs or music obtained as free audio downloads is that they could be of low audio quality that they are not worth listening to or they could even be incomplete.  Finally, it could be against the law to download these files if they are protected by a copyright.  The downloading of these files through channels other than authorized online music stores can be considered as copyright infringement and could result into serious trouble. Check out