Did you dive in to the bag of candy your child had hidden from you in their bedroom? Or maybe you got in to the secretary’s candy bowl at work and couldn’t help yourself. No matter which situation sounds closer to yours, you are probably in agony right now. You don’t care how you stop toothache from throbbing inside your mouth; you just want it to go away. It hurts so bad you are even considering getting out a hammer to dull the pain. Stop! There are much better, safer and healthier ways to stop toothache.

First, you must consider why you have a toothache. Did you get in to a bunch of sugar candy that you shouldn’t have? Did you drink regular soda all day long and are now paying the price? Or maybe you’ve forgotten to brush your teeth regularly over the course of the last few months. Whatever the reason, the pain has caught up to your errant ways.

If your toothache is the result of bad habits stop! You can stop bad habits just as easily as you can good ones. Get yourself back in to a healthy oral hygiene routine. That routine includes regular flossing of your teeth and daily brushing. You might even want to consider rinsing with mouthwash at least once a day until you can control the sugary buildup that held your mouth captive. Regular flossing and brushing will eliminate the bacteria in your mouth that can cause toothaches.

Other bad habits to eliminate include drinking regular soda, and eating candy and sweets. You can allow yourself some treats, but remember to brush afterwards so you don’t have the buildup to deal with, which results in a toothache. Try and avoid sugary treats or hard candy right before bedtime. Even when you brush, the sugar can get caught in the crevices of your teeth, lurking there all night and multiplying. What’s worse than waking up with a toothache?

One other way to incorporate good oral health is by investing in a product called OraMD. This product is used when brushing your teeth, just like any other toothpaste is used. The secret is in the formula that has been proven to fight toothache pain and prevent it from coming back. OraMD also has a mouthwash to use at night, when you have already brushed and flossed. Repeated use of the product will keep toothache pain away.

No matter what you choose to stop toothache pain, keep it up. Regular brushing and flossing will go a long way to keeping your teeth clean, healthy and pain free. And being pain free and healthy is your ultimate goal, right?