People who have to cope with the problem of sweaty underarms can often be desperately trying to find a solution for this problem. The person suffering from this unpleasant problem will often be very self conscious and will feel much embarrassment about it. It can even get to the point where we might not want other people to get anywhere near us and we won’t join in with certain things because we are so embarrassed. If this describes the way you are feeling then read on; here are just a few solutions for how to stop sweaty underarms.


– Mix up some water and lemon juice and use this to clean the area under your arms. It might sound like a bit odd but many people swear this is great at reducing underarm sweating. At any rate, it is worth trying because if you have this problem you will be desperate to try absolutely anything.


– You may just need a very strong antiperspirant deodorant so it is worth speaking to your pharmacist about your problem as they may be able to supply you with one. The problem with the ones you tend to find on the shelf is that they don’t tend to be very strong practically useless against excessive underarm sweating.


– Try to fit in an extra shower half-way through the day. If there is no way that you can have a shower then giving your underarm area a good clean during the day is better than nothing. Doing this will help to get rid of any stale sweat which has built up and will help to stop you from sweating for the next few hours.


– Choose clothes which help your skin to breathe properly. Use a material like cotton and this way your underarm are won’t be trapping heat.


These are just a few ways that you can prevent sweating under the arms but if these don’t provide any relief then maybe it is time to speak to a doctor.


Lots of people in the world today have some type of perspiring. And it is actually for that reason alone an increasing number of persons search for a excessive sweating treatment. It really isn’t difficult to find out ways to stop sweating; you just need to recognize where and how to search for the info.