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Students who demonstrate good study skills usually have organizational skills. Putting things in order is often the main habit that helps your child study and do well. One of the first things you should do when sitting down to study is make a note of the unlike things you need to master or learn. You should then consider the due dates for any items on the list. There will be things that are urgent and due soon, non-urgent and due soon, things that are urgent and due afterward, and due later and not so urgent. Prioritize by fitting in the things that fit into the first group first Make a calendar and a list of when things are due, and work your way through them. Prioritizing your tasks will help keep you on track.

Other vital study skills include the realizing important information, and to retain it. When you’re reading a book chapter or an article, do so with a notepad by your side and a highlighter at hand. Set up a notation organization. For example, circle key phrases and double underline definitions. You can put a triangle next to useful examples. Having a notation scheme can be very useful for organizing your notes and for beholding which bits of information are relevant to your studying needs. You should always make notes as you study, too, particularly if there are things that confuse you. You can go back to these for clarification at a later point.

Another of the more useful study skills is the use of mnemonics. Mnemonics are things that help you remember important pieces of information. As such, mnemonics often take the form of world play or acronyms, where each letter of a word stands for something important. All the same, they can also be rhymes, songs, rhythms, or anything that helps you remember things. Mnemonics can be very effective for helping you recall complex lists, equations, or concepts. Make up your own wordplay, or look online for a mnemonic generator. These will help you generate mnemonics to fit certain phrases or lists that you want to remember.

Another of the well regarded good study skills is to ensure that you are completely centered on one task for a set period of time. Most people can only concentrate for half an hour or so, so make the most of this half hour. Turn off any distractions such as the TV or the internet, and devote yourself completely to your study for this time. After this, you can take a break before getting back to work. To score high, don’t neglect to use SAT study guides