Acne is a terrible skin condition that usually occurs around puberty that is most commonly caused by hormonal changes. Boys are especially affected by acne because their bodies produce more sebum under the influence of the sexual hormone testosterone. Girls’ bodies produce sebum but in smaller quantities. That is certainly why women do not get as much acne as boys.


Acne is not only annoying but it often brings uncertainty and huge social problems such as a low self-esteem, isolation from others, and being bullied by others. Acne is not only caused by hormonal changes that the body goes through at puberty.  It is caused by fatty skin which is more likely to have clogged pores resulting in the formation of acne. People with dry skin will be affected less by acne due to the lack of clogged pores. Acne can able be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and a poor diet.


Aggressive agents such as benzoyl peroxide or other chemicals are normally used as acne cures but natural acne cures exist. Yes, you can cure acne naturally. There is a variety of natural acne cures that can be used to cure or reduce acne.

Vitamin A has the ability to inhibit excess sebum production and it is found in liver, fish and butter but can also convenient to take as a dietary supplement . Too much vitamin A is harmful to the body so be careful to not take too much. Fish is often high in omega-3 fatty acids that will hydrate the skin and fight acne. Another natural acne cure is including high fiber foods like oatmeal which ensure that excess fat is absorbed. Zinc in another natural substance that is an effective acne cure because it stimulates the immune system and it prevents inflammation. Vitamin A and Zinc are very efficient   acne cure   treatments.


Clogged pores as a result of excessive oils are the main culprits for the development of acne. Another  natural acne cure is to wash the fact at least two times per day to remove excessive sebum with natural glycerin soap. Another excellent acne cure is glycerol which is an acidic substance that helps pores to release fat and helps to remove dead skin cells. Cleaning the face with a cotton ball and glycerol is advised to reduce acne formation.


Making sure that the skin is hydrated regularly is another natural acne cure. Aloe Vera cream is an acne cure that will cause the face to become moisturized and will help keep the skin elastic and dead skin cells will be easier to remove.

Antibacterial agents such as Tea Tree Oil combat the bacteria that cause acne. Using a 5% Tea Tree Oil solution is just as effective or even more effective that the chemical that is most often used to cure acne Benzoyl Peroxide. At least a 5% Tea Tree Oil remedy is just as efficient as or even better than the chemical version Benzoyl Peroxide.


Turmeric reduces the growth of fat cells and has very high anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric can be used as a spice for food but it can also be used to make a turmeric powder which is a paste of milk and turmeric powder that is left to sit overnight on the face and is washed off in the morning. Several treatments should work really well.